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Wantland Files Series

Kimberly Wantland never needed anyone, especially not Sterling Wakefield, the arrogant if charming debunker of all things supernatural. Now he’s her cohost and she’s forced to adapt as The Wantland Files crew investigates The Crescent Hotel, the Most Haunted Hotel in America. The Crescent always teemed with spirits, but a new presence is terrorizing the guests. He says only one word: Revenge.

Kimberly must determine what the malevolent spirit wants and exorcise it from the hotel. Determined to use her gifts to help those who have nowhere else to turn, Kimberly refuses to give up whatever the cost.

Only one thing is certain—Kimberly is running out of time to purge this nightmarish fury. That is, unless she's ready to join the ghosts of Crescent Hotel. .

“Fans of the paranormal will find themselves wanting MORE of
The Wantland Files!”

— R.J. Johnson
Award-winning author of  The Twelve Stones

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